Backup your Dedicated Server

Why to backup a Dedicated Server?

Data loss is a major headache. It is an eventuality you need to prepare for to ensure business continuity and to lessen negative impact on your customers and your bottomline. While the most logical mitigation practice for securing against data loss is replication, it is not as simple as a mere server backup. Duplicating and storing your business-critical data on another disk in the same server that also processes your other business applications just adds other problems to the equation. Suppose it crashes or it gets attacked by malicious actors, even hardware failure and human error are factors that can potentially corrupt your data if you put all your eggs in one basket.

Best practice for data storage and data-loss mitigation is to replicate your data, especially business critical ones, to a dedicated backup storage server physically situated in a secure off-site location. In other words, your duplicate data storage should be separate from where your primary data resides. Storing the replicated data off-site also lessens the risk of data loss in the case of disasters that may affect your primary business location.

A server backup of business critical data is no longer just a luxury for the businesses of today. You need an intelligent approach to data storage and handling more than ever as you forge forward into ever more digital ways of operations and customer interaction.

How does it work?

The Alnitech Backup of a Dedicated Server offering is a subscription approach to data storage that is easy-to-use, secure, and highly reliable. You choose the storage capacity you need and we allocate a space for your data in one of expertly maintained backup storage servers. You can access your secure server backup via any of the following protocols: rsync, sftp, scp, or samba/cifs (for Windows clients).

Server Backup Subscription Starts at just $20.00 per month

Easy to Use

Use the Alnitech Backup of a Dedicated Server service is as easy as can be. There are no additional tools or applications required. You can use standard Linux tools such as rsync, tar, gzip, or standard backup agent on Windows.


Your server backup account gets its own individual container with its own IP address and login credentials. This way your data is never exposed to any other account. All your data is also encrypted while it is being transported to our offsite server. It stays encrypted as it resides in our servers as well.


Alnitech uses only enterprise-grade hardware with standard open-source software. This guarantees fast, reliable, and fully transparent access to your data at all times.

Backup Your Data

Server Backup Capacity 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Subscription Price $20/month $40/month $60/month