Big Data Solutions

Big data—huge quantities of data capable of overwhelming traditional servers and software techniques—is currently having a vital effect on the growth of the technology industry. Effectively managing and processing such voluminous data can lead to better customer relationships, optimal working conditions, and boosting of the overall performance of a business.

High-traffic websites, applications, and big data platforms usually require higher performance dedicated servers to function optimally and meet the needs of the users. At Alnitech, we know what is essential to ensure big data advances the growth of your business.

Our big data hosting solutions

Alnitech is experienced at providing a multiple number of servers connected to one another to form a cluster. This way, storing and processing large volume of data becomes easy and more effective. The servers are appropriately linked such that they can use both external networks and internal networks to enhance the speed of accessing one another’s data.

We offer a robust multi-server environment tailored for the needs of the big data server hosting applications. Depending on the needs of the users, the servers can be managed and unmanaged.

Alnitech offers an extensive range of servers to handle exponential amount of data and propel the growth of businesses. For dedicated big data storage, we offer single processor servers. And, for managing large data, we offer dual processor servers with higher RAM capacity.

At Alnitech, you will get up to 16 Terabyte (TB) of storage for every physical server. You will also get up to 2x E5 2620 CPUs per server, which can make a cluster for effectively processing big data.

Benefits of our big data solutions

  • 99.9% uptime facilities
    Our dedicated big data server hosting is efficiently structured to handle extreme processing requirements and guarantee zero downtime to our valued customers using managed big data services.
  • Committed customer service
    At Alnitech, you will benefit from 24/7 dedicated online and phone support, proactive server backup and monitoring services, and strong security to help you make the most of your big data hosting.
  • Top-notch, low cost services
    We offer high quality, low cost big data solutions to our customers around the world. Our industry leading services are appropriately priced to ensure you get the value out of your time and money.

Alnitech knows how to provide dedicated hardware for heavy workloads of data. Contact us now and let us assist you manage your big data with reduced costs.