Database Hosting

Any hosting provider can run and set up a web server, mail server, file sharing system, or other file-based applications easily. Setting up and running a database service, though, is another matter.

Database hosting solutions demand specific hardware and software configurations. They also need particular backup requirements. At Alnitech, our efficient database hosting experts have the required skills and experience to provide the necessary support.

Talk to our team of database hosting experts and we will help you find the perfect setup for your needs.

Benefits of Alnitech’s offer

At Alnitech, we provide the professional database hosting solutions you need to manage and run a robust database. Partnering with us, gives you:

  • An Optimized Database
    We optimize your input and output configuration based on your specific storage platform (Use HW RAID 10 or SW RAID1 SSD). Our expertise in configuring RAID levels, volumes, and file layout ensures that your hosting is configured for optimal performance, growth, and has internal resiliency.

  • A Reliable File Backup System
    Database application vendors have backup procedures specific to their system requirements. We understand these differences in data server hosting. With these in mind, we will help you design a customized backup plan for your requirements based on your data hosting service option and business continuity aspirations.

  • Correct Updates & Upgrades
    We ensure your database is running the most updated and currently supported version of the operating system. We take extra care in checking that the appropriate upgrades are applied so as not to invalidate any database web hosting vendor support agreement you may have with your clients.

Deploying a server for your needs not be a headache. The Alnitech database hosting service makes it easy to launch servers engineered for systems like Microsoft SQL Server or open-source ones like PostgreSQL and MySQL Server. We will do the heavy-lifting for your database management so you can focus on more important business goals.

Why go for our database hosting services?

Similar to the software application section of a dedicated server, a server calls for heavy administration tasks. Database administration can range from simple management operations to more demanding tasks, such as system security patching.

If you don’t have the relevant manpower and experience in setting up and running a productive system, the outcome could be devastating. Therefore, the smart choice is to turn to the experts for efficient database web hosting services.

Our database hosting services are designed to give you the freedom to choose the amount of the third-party assistance you need. Whether it be as simple as having us do general service upgrades or letting us do all your server administration, it is entirely up to you to select which tasks and how much admnistration we undertake on your behalf.

Contact us now and see how we can ease your administration worries.