Alnitech Email Hosting Services

Alnitech offers complete email hosting services to assist both small and big businesses optimize their productivity and attain their goals faster.

Having your own mail server from Alnitech gives you control of both the server and your email so that you can reduce costs and decrease the stresses of communication. If you go for a third-party provider, you will sacrifice authority, control and flexibility, and eventually hurt your bottom line.

Advantages of Alnitech’s email hosting solution

  • Deep expertise
    Every host of solution we provide is sufficiently backed by enthusiastic support staff and a team of well-trained professionals to assist you select, deploy, and manage the email software that adequately meets the needs of your business.

  • Extensive choices
    Alnitech boasts of an extensive collection of industry-leading email and productivity services. We endeavor to understand your unique business email needs and provide the correct solution to assist attain your goals.

  • Excellent support
    Every Alnitech employee is dedicated to providing unmatched support, regardless of the size of your business. Our team is skilled and experienced— dump your email worries to us and concentrate on your business with a peace of mind.

  • Our Guarantee
    Alnitech is run on a strong set of personal values and commitment to the security and privacy of customers. We have a wholly owned, high-security data centers with fully redundant networks and power, and several layers of backup to ensure maximum email availability, security, and responsiveness.

Below is a list of some different email and collaboration tools that specialized web hosters can offer to their customers:

  • Exchange Online
  • Fastmail
  • Google Apps

Explore Alnitech’s email hosting services

  • Microsoft Exchange
    It’s a popular email and collaboration tool that meets the needs of any sized business. It has extensive, useful features that will take your business email hosting experience to the next level.

  • Open-Xchange
    It provides a rich suite of productivity software intended to make it easier for users to communicate faster and securely across various platforms and devices.

  • Zimbra
    It’s an all-inclusive provider of messaging and collaboration tools to assist businesses make the most of their communications.

  • Others
    Other common tools you can use for your email hosting needs include Exim, Postfix, and Sendmail.

Reliable and efficient business email solutions are critical for growth. At Alnitech, our competent email hosting services ensure complete flexibility with the unique needs of our customers.

Contact us now for a powerful email and collaboration tool that will help you avert the hassles and high costs of operating a different email server.