Linux Dedicated Server

Alnitech Linux dedicated servers offer unmatched speed, security, and reliability so that your hosting experience can have maximum uptime and optimal performance. The Linux dedicated servers can be used to for various purposes, including web hosting, hosting databases, and as virtualization hosts.

Our Linux dedicated servers

The servers are capable of running on different flavors of Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, etc.

With our unmetered 100Mbps network ports, which could be upgraded to metered 1Gbps, customers can achieve anything without worrying of the unavailability or poor functioning of their Linux servers.

These dedicated Linux servers could be used as a base for cloud computing, as host for VPS nodes. Furthermore, a cluster could be made from these servers, which connects them with a private interconnect network (unmetered 1Gpbs ports).

What sets us apart in the industry

Alnitech is experienced at offering reliable, fast, and inexpensive servers to customers.

We ship our Linux servers with software RAID by default (hardware RAID available as an option). Therefore, our customers are unlikely to lose any data due to HDD fault. In addition, we offer secure backup space as an option to further minimize the possibility of data loss occurring.

Our hardware is constantly monitored for latency, jitter, packet loss, and many other things. We provide our customers with a 24/7 stable network. In case of any issues, our experienced Linux dedicated server hosting specialists are available to offer assistance within the shortest time possible.

We have servers in two SAS 70 Type II certified datacenters – Immedion facility, Asheville, NC, and Continuum facility, Chicago, IL, which affirm that our servers have been aptly designed and tested to meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Our offer includes IPMI controller. Therefore, customers are able to reboot their servers or log in to local console if their servers have lost connectivity due to server misconfiguration or after some unfortunate operating system update.

Alnitech’s Linux dedicated server plans

You can select any of our different levels of Linux dedicated server service plans. Better still, you can contact us for a customized solution that fits your specific needs, such as replacing or adding SSDs, HDDs, or RAM.

Here are our four preconfigured Linux server plans:

  • Dedicated I: SUPERMICRO E3-1230 v2/v3 8GB, 4 CPU cores processor with 8-32GB RAM, 1TB SATA HDD, 5 IPs included.
  • Dedicated II: SUPERMICRO E3-1230 v2/v3 16GB, 4 CPU cores processor with 16-32GB RAM, 2x 1TB SATA HDDs, 5 IPs included.
  • Dedicated III: SUPERMICRO E5-2620 v1/v2 32GB, 6 CPU cores processor with 32-128GB RAM, 2x1TB SATA HDDs, 5 IPs included.
  • Dedicated IV: SUPERMICRO 2x E5-2620 64GB, 2x 6 CPU cores processors with 64-128GB RAM, 2x1TB SATA HDDs, 5 IPs included.

At Alnitech, we are proud of our impeccable performance and delivery of quality services to customers. Buy our dedicated Linux server hosting plans here or contact us to discuss any options.