Server Monitoring

We offer a cost-effective and round-the-clock server monitoring solution that tracks your site and your server‘s services for downtime. With flexible notification options, you are sure to get up-to-date server metrics like extent of CPU memory usage and number of active processes. This way, our remote server monitoring tools will empower you to take quick actions as needed.

How our server monitoring works

After subscribing the site or service for surveillance by our monitor server, you will leave the rest to us as you focus on your core business activities.

Alnitech’s server monitoring software then monitors the availability of your web server nodes in one-minute intervals. If we see that your site or service is down, we automatically re-check it from another location to verify the initial results given by our monitor server.

We send you notifications based on your configured schedule and preferred medium when our server monitoring software confirms that your site or service is down.

  • Frequent Checking
    All our standard server monitoring subscription plans implement 1-minute interval checks. In comparison, similar remote server monitoring services of other providers implement 5-to-10-minute interval checks.

  • Flexible Notification Scheme
    You can configure to receive the remote server monitoring notifications via one or several media: international SMS, voicemail, email, Twitter direct message, Webhook, Pushover for Android and iOS. With our flexible monitor server arrangements, you can also preset you notification schedule to daytime or nighttime, workdays or weekends.

  • Unlimited Number of Users
    Our reporting service allows you to add an unlimited number of contacts who can access your CPU monitoring configurations, report metrics, and notification schemes.

What can be monitored

Our server monitoring and remote reporting service is designed to check the availability of the following network services:

  • HTTP/S – basic website checker for any URL on standard and non-standard ports
  • HTTP/S content matching
  • HTTP/S advanced – POST form data or JSON/XML, modify headers, etc.
  • SSL certificates
  • SSH (including response checking)
  • FTP (including file availability)
  • PING – real ICMP; unlike the pseudo-ping done by other service providers
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • IMAP4
  • DNS
  • MySQL
  • RDP
  • Port Connect
  • Audio streaming
  • RBL
  • SIP
  • WebSocket – including

Our server monitoring pricing

We provide above par server monitoring service at a very competitive price:

Price $2/MONTH
per site/service to be monitored
Notification clients Unlimited
Users Unlimited
Notifications Unlimited
1-minute interval checking Unlimited

If you have any questions about our server monitoring service, feel free to contact our Sales team.