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Google’s Text-to-Speech System Nearly Mimics Human Voice

Tacotron 2, the name given to Google’s second-generation text-to-speech synthesizer sounds almost like a human being. That’s according to an un-reviewed research paper published in December 2017 by Google. Very high-level details suggest that the system consists of two neural … Continue reading

Elon Musk Ends Suspense Over Tesla’s Tryst with Artificial Intelligence

Co-founder, CEO and Product Architect of revolutionary electric car maker Tesla, predicts that time is near when machines powered by Artificial Intelligence will possess super-natural powers Speaking at a Tesla party on the side-lines of the Annual Conference on Neural … Continue reading

Bulgarian Government Precariously Perched atop a Mountain of Bitcoins

A Sustained crackdown on organised crime nets more than 200,000 Bitcoins – valued more than $3.13 billion USD at today’s prices (26th December 2017) Consequent to an investigation into a purported Customs scam, Bulgarian authorities have taken in to custody … Continue reading

Not Smart Enough to Coverup its tracks

Researchers can now trace a photo back to the smartphone on which it was taken; using camera fingerprinting technology Just a single snap clicked on a smartphone is sufficient information for researchers at the University of Buffalo to pinpoint the … Continue reading

History in the Making with the Largest Tech Buyout Ever

Broadcom is poised to become the third largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, trailing only Intel and Samsung. Will it succeed? Irvine, California based Broadcom is raising the bar in mergers and acquisitions with its astronomical offer of $130 billion … Continue reading