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The Publication of NSA-Powered Hacking Techniques Endangers Windows Users

The Journalist Jack Morse of Mashable reports  the inexplicable hacking entity, the Shadow Brokers, publicized a dossier containing National Security Agency’s (NSA) arsenal of software penetration techniques on 14th April 2017, just before the computing began observing the Easter holiday. The release … Continue reading

Quantum Computing Edges Closer to Reality

Sharon Gaudin Senior Writer of Computerworld reports Quantum computing, which has been more predominant in science fiction tales, could become a reality within the next ten years.  Even though the technology is still under development, vital breakthroughs have been realized, reducing the … Continue reading

Android Edges Past Windows to Become the Widely-Used Operating System

As reports Wang Wei  (a security researcher of The Hacker News) Google’s Android has made great inroads against Microsoft’s Windows, and presently boasts of a slight lead in Internet usage—something that has never happened since the 1980s. According to the … Continue reading

Latest Discovery: Nearly 90% of Smart TVs are Prone to Remote Hijacking

According to the report of Swati Khandelwal (Technical Writer, Security Blogger and IT Analyst of The Hacker News . It’s now possible to hijack a smart television by using nasty broadcast signals, obtain root access on the infected gadget, and use … Continue reading

Exposing How Russian Hackers Stole Half a Billion Yahoo Accounts

Bloomberg reported that a group of notorious Russian hackers associated with the Federal Security Service (FSB), broke into Yahoo’s User Database and stole personal details of more than 500 million people. The 2014 hack, together with a second earlier attack that leaked … Continue reading