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Google Intensifies Efforts to Safeguard Users from Unsecure Applications

In the wake of the increasing number of rogue applications, Google is also not relenting in its attempts to safeguard users and their data. Recently, the big G has adopted better ways of fighting phishing attacks, enhanced the OAuth apps … Continue reading

Verizon Attracts Attackers With Millions of Unmasked Customers Details

According to the report of HotHardware, Verizon, a U.S. telco giant, affirmed that the private info of its six million end-users had been unmasked, potentially making the details attractive to attackers. UpGuard, a reputable cyber security corporation, unearthed the loophole … Continue reading

The Newest ‘Petya’ Ransomware Upsurge Hits 65 Countries

A new ransomware, commonly referred to as “Petya”, is rapidly worming itself and causing more trouble—from Redmond to other places around the globe. After less than two months of dealing with the devastating WannaCry catastrophe, Microsoft has stated that Petya … Continue reading

Architecting for the Future: Intel Develops Innovative Mesh Interconnect Architecture

A pivotal objective of today’s computing systems architecture layout is to realize maximized performance across the wide range of usage situations. And, processors perform a crucial role in the effectiveness of computing systems, especially the choice of processor topology. As … Continue reading

Best day hackers strike? Research shows it’s not Monday

Today’s sophisticated hackers concentrate more on the best times to carry out attacks so that they can make the most gains from their victims. Proofpoint recently analyzed the timings of email-based attacks in 2016 and revealed some interesting trends. Proofpoint’s … Continue reading