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History in the Making with the Largest Tech Buyout Ever

Broadcom is poised to become the third largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, trailing only Intel and Samsung. Will it succeed? Irvine, California based Broadcom is raising the bar in mergers and acquisitions with its astronomical offer of $130 billion … Continue reading

Serious Vulnerabilities in Intel Processors Makes Millions of PCs and Servers Susceptible to Hack Attacks

Dominant chip maker Intel finally concedes that a feature on its Processors that allows remote management of PCs/Servers, has highly severe bugs. The worst has been confirmed. In a recently released security advisory, Intel has accepted what many independent research … Continue reading

Tether, the Latest Victim in a String of Attacks on Cryptocurrency Providers

External attacker hacks into the virtual currency system called Tether and loots $31 million worth of digital tokens A Santa Monica, US, based start-up company that offers a digital currency, backed by traditional currencies like the Dollar and Yen, has … Continue reading

Hot Off the Press: Latest threat to the Internet is rapidly sneaking into millions of IoT devices converting them into zombies

Researchers believe that a Web crisis looms ahead, with IoT_reaper already having infected nearly two million devices and continuously growing at an alarming rate of 10,000 new devices per day. A little over a year after the malware named Mirai … Continue reading

Serious weakness detected in WPA2, the universal Wi-Fi network encryption protocol

Android, Linux and OpenBSD users are vulnerable to hackers who can steal credit card numbers, passwords, emails and other encrypted data by exploiting a bug that was discovered recently in vulnerable personal devices or wireless access points A closely guarded … Continue reading