25 Most Common Passwords You Should Not Use

January 20, 2016 (Los Gatos, CA)—Password security company SplashData published their 2014 list of the most common passwords used based on 3.3 million leaked passwords; what pundits are also labeling as the “Worst Passwords” of 2014. Crowd favorites “password” and “123456” still occupy the top spots. The company has been releasing this annually updated list since 2011. The passwords analyzed were mostly from North American and Western Europe users.

Splashdata CEO Morgan Slain said that simple keyboard patterns, numbers in sequences are best to be avoided. He adds that even elongating these patterns make for weak and insecure passwords.

Below are the top 25 most commonly used passwords:

*The numbers in parenthesis are the placement of the password as compared to their ranking in the 2013 list.

Here are some tips (or lessons) you can learn from the latest Worst Password list:

  • Avoid using easy-to-guess keyboard sequences such as “qwertyuiop,” which comprises the uppermost row of letters on a standard keyboard, for example or “1qaz2wsx,” which are in the first two ‘columns’ in a keyboard.
  • Don’t use a favorite sport as your password as people who know you can guess it right away. “Baseball” and “football” are in the top 10, while “hockey” and “soccer” are in the top 100. Don’t use the name of your a favorite sports team either, as popular teams like “rangers,” “lakers,” and “yankees” are in the top 100).
  • Another popular choice is birth years so avoid using it as well (years 1989 to 1992 are all in the top 100).
  • Common names way up there in the list with “michael,” “daniel,” “thomas,” and “jennifer” are all in the top 50.
  • Swear words and phrases, hobbies, famous athletes, car brands, and film names  are no-no’s too as these are also in the top 100.

See Password Best Practices for more tips.

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