6TB in 2.5-Inch SSD to be Available by July

Japanese manufacturer Fixstars will make available to the market a six-terabyte SSD in 2.5-inch format in July this year. To date, this is the biggest storage available in this form factor. This SSD will have read speeds of up to 540 MB/s and write speeds of up to 520MB/s.

The manufacturer claims the product contains a high-density configuration free of heat and performance issues. It will also come with an optional High Durability More (pSLC mode), which allows for 3x increase in durability compared to normal operation. 

To give a better idea of its capacity, Fixstars give the following estimations of how much high-quality videos it can contain:

  • 4K uncompressed at 60fps – 2 hours
  • 4K H.265/HEVC (broadcast quality) at 60fps – 380 hours
  • Full HD H.264 (broadcast quality) at 29.9fps – 888 hours

Fixstars has yet to reveal the price of the disk drive but experts are already predicting that it is sure to be quite high given its capacity and market uniqueness.

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