Alnitech Disaster Recovery Solutions

At Alnitech, we offer a wide range of robust and resilient disaster recovery solutions to guarantee optimal uptime and minimal loss to your business. Our products consist of storage redundancy as well as responsive backup and restore options, ensuring zero downtime and business continuity—at all times.

With the current increasing dependency on IT systems and applications, having top-notch disaster recovery solutions will provide uninterrupted business operations in the event of catastrophes such as cyber-attacks, infrastructure failures, or natural disasters.

Businesses that do not have a reliable disaster recovery plan usually lose customers, income, and reputation in the aftermath of a prolonged downtime.

Why choose disaster recovery with Alnitech?

  • Latest and greatest technology: At Alnitech, we specialize only in high-performance, best-of-breed technology to offer the most respected and secure recovery solutions to our customers.

  • Experienced, committed support: All our hardware comes with 24/7 support, so you can focus on things that really matter for the success of your business. In addition, all our server orders are backed by 21-day client satisfaction guarantee.

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime: Our servers are stationed in certified datacenters in Asheville, NC and in Chicago, IL. So, we operate under optimal network environments to provide our customers with the best single & dual CPU servers. Furthermore, Alnitech’s monitors your systems 24/7 to detect and resolve any slight failures as early as possible.

  • Customized solutions: At Alnitech, we offer customized disaster recovery solution of any complexity, covering everything from a single backup server up to a clustered/cloud setup.

Do you want to enjoy peace of mind and avoid the IT horror stories of downtime?

Talk to us for a customized disaster recovery solution that sufficiently meets the unique needs of your business.

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