Amazon Gives More Info on Drone-delivery Program

January 18, 2016—In an interview with Yahoo News, Amazon’s VP for global public policy, Paul Misener, shared more information about the much talked about and forthcoming delivery system using drones called “Prime Air”.

Misener told Yahoo news that “Prime Air is a future delivery service that will get packages to customers within 30 minutes of them ordering it online at” He went on further to say, “The goals we’ve set for ourselves are: The range has to be over 10 miles. These things will weigh about 55 pounds each, but they’ll be able to deliver parcels that weigh up to five pounds. It turns out that the vast majority of the things we sell at Amazon weigh less than five pounds.”

Asked if he was worried about people shooting down the drones, he answered, “I suppose they could shoot at trucks, too,” he said. “We want to make the deliveries. And we believe that these Prime Air drones will be as normal as seeing a delivery truck driving down the street someday. So the novelty will wear off.”

Misener did not give any specifics as to when or where Prime Air would be piloted as big-market countries like the US and the UK have yet to approve commercial drone use.

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