An Experiment Shows the Aggressiveness of The WannaCry Ransomware

An Experiment Shows the Aggressiveness of The WannaCry Ransomware
According to the report of Catalin Cimpanu (
The WannaCry ransomware (also called WannaCrypt), which has infected thousands of computers since it began on 12th May 2017, is very aggressive in nature and spreads within minutes.
A malware researcher published on his blog details of how WannaCry paralyzed a honeypot system six times within 90 minutes.

During one of the tests, the ransomware infected the deliberately created vulnerable Windows computer within three minutes, showcasing its ability to make victims literally want to cry.
It’s worth mentioning that it only takes around three minutes for an IoT malware to penetrate a home network devoid of the latest security patches.

The test demonstrates that the aggressiveness of WannaCry could have made it cause more extensive damage, if it were not halted through “a kill-switch” process which a security researcher, nicknamed MalwareTech, discovered on its source code.

The researcher noticed that ransomware was pinging an unregistered domain name prior to beginning the encryption process. To halt its spread, MalwareTech bought the domain name, successfully saving the world from the havoc of WannaCry.

The effects of the ransomware are unprecedented throughout the globe. It is estimated that it infected around 230,000 computers in 100 countries, and made more than $31,000 to its developers within three days.
To avert WannaCry, users should ensure their Windows computers are patched with the latest software updates. Furthermore, users should uphold vigilance on online security matters, such as backing up all important files and shunning opening suspicious email attachments.
The havoc that WannaCry has caused demonstrates that hackers are working hard to improve their techniques and gain massive profits. No one knows when another malware will emerge, perhaps with superior capabilities than WannaCry.

Therefore, you need to maintain vigilance and sufficiently safeguard your IT infrastructure from unauthorized infiltration.
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