Android Edges Past Windows to Become the Widely-Used Operating System

As reports Wang Wei  (a security researcher of The Hacker News) Google’s Android has made great inroads against Microsoft’s Windows, and presently boasts of a slight lead in Internet usage—something that has never happened since the 1980s.

According to the findings announced in March 2017 by StatCounter, an Internet-based research firm, Android global Internet usage was at 37.93% whereas Windows was at 37.91%. The analysis was taken from users’ total Internet usage across various devices, consisting of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

The StatCounter analysis revealed that Apple’s iOS operating system became the third most widely-used, accounting for 13.09%. The firm also observed that iOS Internet users are more engaging than their desktop counterparts, by about three times.

Android dethroned Microsoft mainly because an increasing number of users prefer using mobile devices for gaining Internet access, more commonly than desktops and laptops.Even though Android slid past Windows by 0.02%, it indicates the years of Windows dominance are over, and the fight is likely to be more intense in the subsequent months. StatCounter specifically analyzed data from devices connected to the Internet, meaning some desktop PCs used for other tasks were excluded. The firm uses tracking codes installed on about 2.5 million websites to gather the details for analysis.

Microsoft doesn’t need to worry too much. In fact, Windows’ usage is still leading in the traditional desktop market, accounting for 84% of the global OS market in March. Furthermore, the StatCounter analysis indicated that Windows Internet usage is predominant in North America and Europe, representing 39.5% and 51.7% respectively—against Android’s 25.7% and 29.2%. In Asia, Android is the most preferred operating system—for example, in India and China, it holds a market share of 79% and 57% respectively.

Android’s slight edge past Windows marks a significant advance in technology events. And, in the coming months, we’ll be keen to find out whether it consolidates the trend reported by StatCounter.

Time will tell whether Android will solidify its lead over Windows, or if, in some way, Google will reinvent its offerings and regain its years of supremacy in the OS market.

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