Debian 7.6 Released

Last July 12, 2014, the Debian Project released the sixth update to Debian 7 (code name: wheezy). The Debian 7.6 release includes important bug fixes to a number of packages and the addition of security updates, whose separate advisories had already been published earlier on.

Debian is an open-source operating system made up of free software mostly carrying General Public License (GNU). Considered to be one of the most popular Linux distributions for PCs and network servers, it has been used as a base for other Linux distributions.

Some of the notable vulnerabilities addressed in Debian 7.6 include the following:

Note that four packages have also been removed from this update:

The complete list of packages that have changed in Debian 7.6 can be found HERE.

The released Debian 7.6 is not a new version of the stable Debian 7. This release merely updates some of the packages included. You can still use your old wheezy CDs and DVDs, but do update via a Debian mirror after an installation. A complete list of Debian FTP and HTTP mirrors can be found HERE. New installation media containing images of the updated package, however, will be available soon at regular locations.

For more information about this release, go here:

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