Eagles Trained to Take Down Drones

February 2, 2016—The Dutch National Police just released a video where they show eagles being trained to snatch quadcopter drones out of the sky. With drones becoming more and more consumer-focused—affordable options with tons of capabilities flooding the market—privacy and security concerns are also being raised. Radio jammers and nets are already being tested as countermeasures for drones, but the Netherlands’ law enforcement solution of using eagles is unique to say the least.

The Dutch police is partnering with “raptor-training company” Guard From Above, which is based in The Hague. The training consists mostly of teaching eagles to identify drones, capture them, and then take them to a space away from the public. Eagles are already built for snatching moving targets from the sky being a well known as birds of prey. Using eagles can also lessen collateral damage of such captures compared to other methods as radio-jamming can force the cancellation of all radio and GPS signals in an area, while using a net poses the danger of objects falling from a high altitude if the controls fail.

At present, the Dutch police is still testing the viability of using trained eagles before deciding if they will indeed be deployed full-time.

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