Google Intensifies Efforts to Safeguard Users from Unsecure Applications

In the wake of the increasing number of rogue applications, Google is also not relenting in its attempts to safeguard users and their data.

Recently, the big G has adopted better ways of fighting phishing attacks, enhanced the OAuth apps whitelisting feature, and improved the applications review procedure.

And, on July 18, 2017, Google added another security feature: an “unverified applications” message warning that informs users of newly developed online-based applications as well as Apps Scripts. With the new improvements, users are able to tell whether a new application has been validated, ensuring they make secure decisions.

For any application that utilizes Google’s OAuth feature for retrieving users’ details, users will get a notification screen on the substantiation status of the application, prompting them to write the words “continue” prior to making any further moves. The notification screen includes the name of the app as well as its developer, something which meaningfully lowers chances of phishing attacks.

Even though this improved security element is now implemented on new applications only, Google plans to introduce this feature to current applications, as it works hard to keep its infrastructure impenetrable by hackers.

Therefore, if a developer has not gone through the thorough Google’s validation procedure, their new online-based applications and Apps Scripts will be flagged as unverified, ensuring users are safeguarded from fraudulence.

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