Google Shares Details of Its Datacenter Networks

June 17, 2015—At the 2015 Open Network Summit, Google shared details of its in-house network technology for its datacenters. This is the first time the search company is revealing the inner workings of its networks to developers across globe through the Google Cloud Platform. Their goal is to have other Internet service or platform leverage a “world-class network infrastructure without having to invent it.”

For ten years, Google has been building its own network hardware and software because existing providers cannot handle the scale that Google’s distributed computing and storage requires. The company’s current network design delivers more than 1 Petabit/sec, which is 100 times more than the capacity of one of their datacenters a decade ago.

Google’s network uses a hierarchical design with three tiers of switches. These switches use the same commodity chips. It does not rely on standard Internet protocols but on custom-built ones that treat all the switches as one.

You can read more about Google’s Datacenter Networks HERE.
You can also do a virtual tour of a Google Datacenter HERE.

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