Intel and Micron Create Storage 1000x Faster Than NAND

July 28, 2015—Intel and Micron announce a new storage technology that can be a thousand times faster than the existing and popular non-volatile NAND flash memory. Called 3D XPoint (pronounced “cross-point”), this new kind of memory can function as a system memory (RAM) and as a non-volatile storage (SSD).

The two companies invented unique material compounds and a new cross-point architecture that enable 3D XPoint to, not only be faster than NAND, but also more durable. Aside from performance, this new class of memory with its greater density has ten times the storage capacity of NAND. Its speed is attributed to the different way it stores data. 3D XPoint “uses the property change of the memory cell itself, instead of storing the cell in a capacitor in the traditional way.”

Applications that require massive amounts of data like machine learning and immersive 8K gaming will especially benefit from this new type of memory.

This technology is now in production and will be tested this year by a select group of customers. Both Intel and Micron are developing products based on the 3D XPoint.

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