Intel Released 72-core Supercomputing Chip

November 16, 2015—Intel released a 72-core supercomputing chip to workstations early next year. The Xeon Phi chip is codenamed ‘Knights Landing’ and hardware experts are already predicting that it will be a game changer with it being touted as Intel’s most powerful chip to date.


Intel’s 72-core supercomputing chip. Credit: Intel

A limited number will be shipped in the first half of 2016 to control initial distribution. The goal is for PC makers and other Intel partners to eventually agree to sell the Xeon Phi desktops. These next-generation computers are targeted for business use, which needs massive computing power like film editing, high-definition graphics creation, complex scientific calculations, and engineering applications.

Knights Landing is a lot like graphics chips in that it is designed for highly parallel computing. It fuses x86 CPUs with specialized processing units that enable it to take on heavy workloads.

Much like graphics chips, Knights Landing is designed for highly parallel computing and varies in design from conventional x86 chips. It mixes conventional x86 CPUs with specialized processing units that help the chip take on heavy workloads, boosting application performance.

The operating system and other software will come preloaded to the workstation. The Xeon Phi chip will also be integrated into the hardware, which would make it difficult to add memory or other components.

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