Introducing Alnitech Backup Service

We are proud to announce the addition of a Data Backup Subscription in our service menu.

System crash, hacking, hardware failure, and human error are events we always have to contend with and prepare for in data management. Alnitech now provides an easy-to-use, secure, reliable, and cost-effective off-site solution for your backup needs.

Easy to use

The Alnitech Backup service requires no additional tools or applications. You can use standard Linux tools such as rsync, tar, or gzip, and the standard Windows backup agent. Any other backup tool can also be used as long as it understands SFTP, SCP, SAMBA, or CIFS.


Each account gets its own individual container with its own IP address and login credentials. This means that your data is never be exposed to any other account. Moreover, all data are encrypted during transfer, as well as when it already resides in our servers.


Alnitech uses enterprise-grade hardware with industry standard open-source software. We guarantee speed, reliability, and high availability 24/7/365.

Go HERE for more details.

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