Microsoft and Taser Partner for Cloud Law Enforcement Tool

October 26, 2015—At the annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in Chicago, Microsoft and Taser announced that they are partnering to bring about a law enforcement tool in the cloud through the combined capabilities of the Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, and Windows 10 devices with Taser’s Axon platform and solution. Taser is best known for products that can incapacitate subjects via electrical charge, though they also offer body-worn cameras as well as data management software.

Basically, the partnership entails running Taser’s digital evidence management systems on Microsoft Azure, eventually leveraging on the latter’s emerging data analytics, machine learning, and computer vision techniques. The objective is to build an efficient and low-cost environment that captures and manages evidence, which may include to ingesting, retrieving, sharing, analyzing and archiving video, sensor and other data to support law enforcement.

In the United States, Microsoft Azure is the only major cloud provider that complies with to the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ CJIS Security Policy with its law enforcement customers. More details about the Microsoft Cloud for Government and Microsoft’s solutions for law enforcement can be found at

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