Microsoft Included Ad Generator in Security Patch

March 9, 2016—Tech journalist Woody Leonhard of InfoWorld brought attention to the Windows 10 advertising routine included in Microsoft’s security updates released March 8, 2016.

Users are already accustomed to Patch Tuesdays, where Microsoft regularly releases updates and fixes on a slew of bugs and flaws discovered in their various products. What Leonhard pointed out is that a seemingly marketing-related routine is included in the update.

The contended “fix” is KB 314449, which was labeled as updates to Internet Explorer 11 to upgrade older Windows versions (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1). Clicking through to the details of the article, one learns that what it actually does: get users to learn more about Windows 10 via Internet Explorer and have them initiate their upgrade right then and there.

Eagle-eyed tech watchers are expressing dismay at this new foray in inserting marketing ploys inside security updates.

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