Netflix to Block VPN Users From Other Countries

January 14, 2016—In a statement released in their media page, Netflix announced that it would start cracking down on accounts that use VPN to access geographically restricted. In the statement, Netflix said that it would start blocking by detecting VPN proxies. This move is in response to increasing pressure from content owners for Netflix to enforce country-licensing restrictions. Rival streaming service Hulu is already actively blocking geo-hopping VPNs.

When this move takes effect, users trying to access Netflix through a VPN connection will get an error message telling them to disable their proxy.

As can be expected, there is considerable backlash as with Wired even going so far as saying that this action will not do anyone any good, especially Netflix.

Aside from content access though, users who go through VPN for privacy reasons or those going around local network blocks for streaming services, and those who just want to improve streaming quality will also get affected.

As yet, no date has been released on when Netflix will start to carry out its VPN-blocking scheme.

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