Not Smart Enough to Coverup its tracks

Researchers can now trace a photo back to the smartphone on which it was taken; using camera fingerprinting technology

Just a single snap clicked on a smartphone is sufficient information for researchers at the University of Buffalo to pinpoint the device. The researchers focussed on a weakness called Photo-Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU). This is akin to finding fingerprints at a crime scene.

The Study’s Lead Author, Kui Ren explains that each smartphone possesses a unique PRNU or camera fingerprint, which can be used to identify the device. These fingerprints are nothing but imaging flaws that exist in every picture taken.

This technology is so matured that tests resulted in an accuracy of 99.5 per cent. Researchers are hopeful that someday in the future, applications of this technology could include identity mapping or securing financial transactions.  One case could be; a picture taken from a properly identified and documented smartphone could take the place of a person’s signature and used to authenticate, authorize and audit financial transactions.

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