Russia’s Biggest Datacenter will be Nuclear-powered

November 25, 2015—Telecom Daily reported that Russia’s largest datacenter to date will be nuclear powered and built on top of the Kalinin nuclear power station, located 120 miles northwest of Moscow. The station will provide the 80MW of power needed for datacenter’s 10,000 server racks. Construction costs of the project is said to be $975 million, excluding the IT infrastructure.

The first phase of the project is set to open by March 2017 and the second phase in the summer of 2018. State-owned company Rosenenergoatom is leading the construction. While Rosenenergoatom plans to use ten percent of the datacenter capacity, the rest will be available for commercial use. As early as now, the group is said to have already approached Internet giants Facebook and Google to stake real estate in the upcoming data facility.

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