Targeted Attacks Trends in 2014

The news has increasingly been filled with malicious digital attacks that targeted big corporations and entities. Security vendor, Trend Micro has released an annual report detailing trends they observed emerging from the targeted attacks that happened in 2014:

  • It is difficult to correctly attribute an attack to a specific group. With the attacks getting more destructive and disruptive, cybercriminals are careful not to leave “identifiable traces” in the networks within their crosshairs. The rise of state-sponsored attacks may also be why identification is still difficult.
  • Highly specific configurations” of apps, OSs, and setups is no longer a deterrent for attackers. It used to be the cybercriminals only operated within the bounds of popular software and tools. This is no longer the case for groups determined to infiltrate an organization.
  • New techniques like using the Windows Powershell and cloud-storage platforms like Dropbox have been observed.
  • Known and zero-day vulnerabilities are still the usual weapon of choice for targeted attacks.
  • Countries that are favored hotspots for hosting C&C servers have increased. Whereas the US, Russia, and China used to be attacker favorites, 2014 saw the following countries climbing to the top of the list: Australia, Brazil, Egypt, and Germany.

Read the full report HERE to get more details into these trends. 

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