Tips For Selecting Efficient Dedicated Server Hosting

Trying to select an efficient, non-oversold, and quality dedicated server hosting company can be challenging and laborious undertaking. However, making a correct choice will be beneficial, in the long-term.
Dedicated hosting facilities offer you optimal performance, quick data access, and other more robust advantages than shared or VPS hosting. So, it’s paramount you make the correct decision and get value for your money.

Here are six significant tips for making the best decision.

  • Business requirements
  • Pricing
  • Reliability
  • Hosting flexibility
  • Customer support
  • Reviews

1. Know your business requirements

Of course, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re purchasing a television set, smartphone, office apparatus, or web hosting—comprehending your precise requirements is all that is necessary to arrive at the best choice.
Subsequently, opt for a company that can sufficiently address those needs, and grow your online dominance.

Here are some prime questions you should ask when hunting for a dedicated Internet server provider:

  • What is its precise server configuration?
  • Does it offer reliable backup solutions and disaster recovery options?
  • Does it focus on online security?
  • What are its server monitoring capabilities?
  • Does it provide surefire server uptime?
  • Does it provide certain official standards and permits that your enterprise may require?
  • Does it run server management services (IPMI, iKVM)?
  • Does it abide by stipulated geographical requirements and local laws? As an example, in some regions, hosting adult material is prohibited

Since all dedicated Internet server providers are not the same, inquiring about the above issues will help you conclude if the provider can satisfactorily address your business requirements.

2. Examine the pricing offered

Deciding for a low-priced dedicated server provider may not be a good idea. More so, jumping on an overpriced provider just because of the sparkling of its marketing materials could drain your resources.Instead, pick a provider that can effectively assist in meeting your business goals without obliging you to raid the bank.

Here are the 8 fees frequently associated with most providers:

  • Monthly fees for renting hardware
  • Server configuration costs
  • Software licensing fees
  • Server management costs
  • Software upgrade charges
  • Bandwidth fees
  • Remote assistance fees
  • Overedge fees

If you are aware of the types of fees a provider charges, you can be at a better position to make a sound decision.
Notably, always look for Money Back Guarantee. This way, if you are unhappy with a company’s services, you can easily terminate your relationship and seek for refunds.
Also, if a provider charges ridiculously high cancellation fees, evade it like plague.

3. Gauge the provider’s reliability

Nothing is more vital than an unswerving and stout hosting conditions. A company that cannot guarantee 24/7, above 99.9% server uptime should not fit in your list.

Stay away from the following types of providers:

  • Do not operate on a full-bodied server
  • Lack stable network connections
  • Provide below 99% server uptime

If you opt for a server experiencing regular outages (irrespective of its other characteristics), the damages to your business could be heinous.
Furthermore, look out for hardware replacement guarantees. This way, whenever an issue occurs, the company can speedily replace the poorly performing hardware, and decrease server downtimes.
For example, a good SLA (Service Level Agreement) can offer guaranteed and prompt hardware replacement whenever the unexpected happens.

4. Evaluate hosting flexibility

The flexibility of the hosting company should also be crucial for making your decision.

Here are some major considerations to ponder about:

  • How flexible is the company to take care of your current requirements?
  • Is it scalable to take care of your increasing activities in the future?
  • If you need a customized system, can it give the finest?
  • Can it help you upgrade from an existing server plan without much troubles?

With the services of a flexible company, you can get high-quality environment for peak performance of your online resources.

5. Do a background assessment on customer support

This is a big one. The superiority of the assistance offered is very important. Evade a provider that does not focus on tackling customers’ issues professionally and promptly.

Here are some important questions you need to ask:

  • What takes place when you raise an issue with them? Is their customer support team easily accessible via different channels, like email, online chat, or phone?
  • Does it offer round-the-clock, 24/7 support?
  • How much time does it take to address your problems?
  • Does it excel in customer support?
  • Does it offer bespoke services or simply refer you to a huge documentation or an outdated F.A.Q article to dig out the solution for yourself?

To measure the quality of customer service, you can send a few pre-sales questions and evaluate the thoroughness and professionalism of the response.

6. Look for customer reviews

Finding real, honest reviews of people who have used the company’s services is an ingenious technique to get the best solution for your requirements.

Here are some methods to get customer reviews:

  • Do a search on Google using the company’s name and some relevant keywords
  • Do a search on social media platforms for customers’ feedback
  • Get in touch with the customers who have used the services previously, and know their experiences
  • Check webmaster forums and different online places for customer reviews

After that, you can use the information to decide on the best hosting to choose.

Would you like to choose a provider?

Ultimately, selecting a company is hinged on your precise technical requirements, budget ceilings, and business needs.
Additionally, because dedicated hosting is usually costly compared to shared hosting services, opting for a trustworthy, capable, and outstanding provider is critical for your long-term success.
A company offering competitively priced services, adept customer support, and fantastic hosting conditions is what you require to amplify your online presence.
It’s worth mentioning that majority of dedicated server hosting companies offer what is called ‘root’ access, which give tech-savvy individuals the capability to carry out maintenance and other activities without any limits.
If you are able to perform such tasks, then you can choose an unmanaged dedicated server.
Or else, you may consider the managed hosting plan, which does not require complicated IT skills to manage.

Would you like a reliable company to take care of your hosting needs?

Alnitech has a powerful suite of flexible managed and unmanaged services—all bolstered by 99.95% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 professional support, and a 21-day guarantee—to ensure your online business pursuits succeed.

Choose Alnitech today!

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