Top Tech Trends in CES 2016

January 7, 2015—The annual consumer technology conference that is CES kicked off in the Las Vegas, Nevada January 6 to 9.  Here are the top technology trends that emerged from the weeklong event as reported by Mashable, The Verge, and Inc.:

  1. Drone anything is everything. More and more drones and drone-related accessories will flood the consumer market in 2016. Cheaper models to highly sophisticated ones that have basic autonomous flying capabilities are already available. The drones’ attached cameras also have major upgrades, with shot stabilization and tracking features as the more noteworthy improvements incorporated.
  2. Mobile healthtracking devices are the top dogs in the Internet of Things. Fitness trackers are evolving into more than just step counters and heart rate monitors. Devices that can now measure blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, and even prevent morning sickness in pregnant women have been introduced in the floors of CES.
  3. Smart home appliances will get homes more connected than ever. From shower heads that can monitor how much water have already been used to a fridge camera that can tell you the food you have left, there is no shortage of gadgets that can supposedly make managing your homes better. There are even sensors that can predict floods and breakage.
  4. Electric cars are here, really. While Tesla is still the top-of-mind name in the area of smart cars, Chevy introduced the Bolt, which is supposedly the first long-range, affordable electric car. It will sell at $37,000 and is said to reach 200 miles in one charge.
  5. Virtual reality (VR) is expanding. The Oculus Rift is set to debut this year. Other goggle makers will soon be coming out with their versions as well. Both software and hardware creators are also set to take to and support this new medium of entertainment.

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