Ubuntu 15.04 Released

April 23, 2015, ‘Vivid Vervet’ or Ubuntu 15.04 was released. This latest Linux distribution of Ubuntu contains revamped menus, desktop improvements, a new version of LibreOffice, and some developer features. The most notable change is that it carries the systemd system and service manager. In the face of all these updates though, Ubuntu 15.04 still contains the Unity 7 desktop environment. Unity 8, which would supposedly connect Ubuntu’s mobile and desktop interfaces, is still scheduled for future release.

New features in Ubuntu 15.04:

  1. Linux kernel 3.19 – For servers, several elements related to performance has been improved including network send batching and a data center congestion algorithm.

  2. systemd replaces Upstart – systemd is now the standard boot and service manager for all Ubuntu flavors except Touch.

  3. Locally integrated menus – Menus are now integrated into windows to improve usability.

  4. Updated LibreOffice – Ubuntu 15.04 carries LibreOffice 4.4, which brings overall improvements in many of the suite’s popular programs.

  5. Ubuntu Make – This feature, formerly known as the Ubuntu Developer Tools Center, enables developers to easily install isolated environments like the Android NDK and SDK.

You can read more details in the release notes here

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