Ukraine Airport Targeted by Malware

January 18, 2016—In a report by Reuters, Ukrainian authorities are said to be on the alert for more cyber attacks as one such attack was uncovered affecting Kiev’s main airport, Boryspil; launched from a supposed server in Russia. The attack was traced back to a Moscow-backed group who call themselves the ‘Sandworm.’ A warning to be on the lookout for more attacks was officially issued by Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA). In particular, CERT-UA instructs system administrators to check log files and data traffic.

Called ‘BlackEnergy,’ the malware discovered lurking last week in the IT network of Boryspil is similar to the strain that attacked three Ukrainian regional power plants last December 2015. The said power companies experienced short-term outages due to the malware, which security experts are seeing as the first of its kind.

The power outage December 23, 2015 at Prykarpattyaoblenergo in West Ukraine affected 80,000 households for six hours.

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