What people say about Alnitech Dedicated Servers?

With great please I publish some feedback from our clients. I would like to thank everybody who left these kind words about their experience with Alnitech.

Roman on Monday, April 08, 2013:Alnitech rating

I have been with them for over 6 months and already with the 3rd configuration. Started with one single E5-2620 server, after increased capacity to 3 x E5-2620 servers and now I’m on 3 x Dual E5-2620 CPU servers. Very good technical support even with non standard configurations. Very attractive prices. Planning to stay with them with new projects.

Amiel Bestt from Best School, Bestt Sound System. on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 : Alnitech rating

I found Alnitech through a Google search which had given this service provider a high rating but after using their dedicated server for over a month I can say with utmost sincerity that they deliver what they claim and their services are truly phenomenal. Alnitech and their support team is force to reckon with.

Brian Warren on Monday, November 12, 2012: Alnitech rating

I have been with Alnitech since March 2012. I really like the service and prices. Server grade hardware and a great network. I just bought my 2nd server a few days ago and it was setup in less then 24 hours. Be sure to look for promotions and sales. If you can not find any send a ticket in and Alex will be happy to help you.

I have been with quite a few providers in the last 7 years. My site has been around and I really like Alnitech.

instruite @ webhostingtalk.com: Alnitech rating

Bought E3-1230V2 16GB package for $99.99/month from one of their offers here on wht and have been using it for more than 10 months without any issues. The above server came with IPMI so never had to contact them for restarts or resinstalls. Only contacted their support for rdns and few upgrade queries and their response have been prompt (generally first response have been within 10 minutes of ticket) And thats fantastic considering that I am in different time zone (Japan) Network has been without any issues too (only time it is down is during maintenance and for which they have always informed in advance)

Keep up the good work alnitech.com :thumbsup:

Robotical_Computer @ WebHostingTalk.com :Alnitech rating

During the 3 months that I’ve been with them so far I have yet to experience any downtime or hardware failure. The server still runs very smooth and I’m expecting to stay with Alnitech for the lifespan of the projects/websites that I run on the server.
Thank you Alnitech for providing such a great service!

hostunderground @ WebHostingTalk.com :Alnitech rating

I have 4 servers with them. The provision time is really fastest in the world. I got my servers info in 1 minute.
Servers uptime is 100% and network speed connections is really fast and stable.
If you finding some great dedicated server provider and good deal. You should try Alnitech.
This is my rating.
Pricing : 10/10
Support Team : 10/10
Server performance : 10/10
Network : 10/10

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