Ubuntu Dedicated Server

Alnitech offers first-class, dependable, and secure Linux dedicated servers for rent. Some of the versions of the Linux operating system include Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, and CentOS.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and robust Linux distributions. Alnitech provides Ubuntu dedicated servers for hosting databases, web hosting, use as virtualization hosts, and other uses.

Our Ubuntu dedicated servers

Our powerful and reasonably priced Ubuntu dedicated servers is what you need to enjoy a hassle-free hosting experience.

Alnitech’s unmetered 100Mbps network ports, which could be upgraded to metered 1Gbps, provides you with a stable environment for hosting your online resources without any worries of the unavailability of the Ubuntu servers.

These Ubuntu servers could function as a base for cloud computing; that is, for hosting VPS nodes. In addition, it’s possible to make a cluster of these servers through linking them with a private interconnect network (unmetered 1Gbps ports).

The advantages of Alnitech’s offer

As compared to other companies, Alnitech’s Ubuntu offer is simply the best in the industry.

  • Once customers have ordered our Ubuntu servers, we will also provide them with software RAID by default (hardware RAID is available as an option). This way, our customers cannot experience data loss due to HDD fault.
  • Furthermore, we leave nothing to chance and provide secure backup space as an option to minimize the likelihood of data loss taking place from our Ubuntu networks.
  • At Alnitech, we frequently monitor our hardware to detect and eliminate any unusual activities in our Ubuntu servers. We have a committed support staff who are available 24/7 to offer any kind of assistance.
  • We have a stable network that guarantees a 99.9% uptime to our customers. More so, we are proud to be holding a SAS 70 Type II certification, which demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with reliable and quality Ubuntu dedicated servers.
  • Alnitech’s offer includes IPMI controller. With this capability, our customers can reboot their Ubuntu servers or log in to local console in case the servers have lost connectivity because of any reason.

Ubuntu dedicated server plans

Here are our four preconfigured Ubuntu server plans:

  • Dedicated I: SUPERMICRO E3-1230 v2/v3 8GB, 4 CPU cores processor with 8-16GB RAM, 1TB SATA HDD, 5 IPs included.
  • Dedicated II: SUPERMICRO E3-1230 v2/v3 16GB, 4 CPU cores processor with 16-32GB RAM, 2x 1TB SATA HDDs, 5 IPs included.
  • Dedicated III: SUPERMICRO E5-2620 v1/v2 32GB, 6 CPU cores processor with 32-64GB RAM, 2x1TB SATA HDDs, 5 IPs included.
  • Dedicated IV: SUPERMICRO 2x E5-2620 64GB, 2x 6 CPU cores processors with 32-128GB RAM, 2x1TB SATA HDDs, 5 IPs included.

The above Ubuntu server plans can be slightly modified to suit more specific needs, for example, replacing or adding SSDs, HDDs, or RAM.

Buy our dedicated Ubuntu dedicated server plans or contact us to discuss any specific options.