Unmanaged Dedicated Servers & Hosting

We want to give you a freedom to choose the storage and hosting options that work best for your needs. Aside from our line of managed dedicated servers, we also offer unmanaged dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated hosting.

The Alnitech unmanaged subscription service is perfect for businesses that need enterprise-level solutions and have technicians to handle server management and routine support issues.

It empowers you to maintain and monitor your storage and hosting within your company’s business continuity guidelines and security requirements. It gives you full control of your data; you get a dedicated server unmanaged and without interference from a third-party.

With our unmanaged service, OS installation and physical condition maintenance are free of charge. If you want to re-install, configure and maintain the OS and other applications, such as system firewall, your system administrators will be responsible for those. Nonetheless, our technical experts are always available to offer assistance at $40 per hour, provided by 15-minute time intervals.

What You Get

Our unmanaged dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated hosting solutions include:

  • Hardware setup
  • Operating system installation
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Server reboot service
  • Network maintenance
  • Proactive hardware monitoring
  • Replacement, in case of component failure

We cover all the basics, so that everything is all set for you to configure within your production and operation timelines. Therefore, you can set your unmanaged dedicated servers to be up and running quickly and easily.

Why Choose Alnitech’s Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Quite simply, Alnitech offers one of the most competitive unmanaged dedicated hosting and server subscriptions in the market today. We aim to cater for a wide variety of business needs with top-of-the-line machines at great value.

Enterprise-grade Servers
All our machines are enterprise-grade supermicro servers hosted at secure, high-availability, and certified datacenters.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our confidence in our offerings is such that all our subscriptions plans come with a 21-day money-back guarantee. We’ll be happy to refund you if you’re not completely happy with our unmanaged services.

Unmetered Bandwidth
Our balanced configuration includes unmetered bandwidth. This means that your subscription fee is not affected by how much traffic comes and goes into your unmanaged servers.

Free IP Addresses
You get five (5) free IP addresses per unmanaged server that also come with full access to all system components at all levels.

Free 24×7 Tech Support
While your subscription is mainly unmanaged, our in-house team of certified system administrators will also provide free server monitoring and 24×7 technical support, any time you need it.

No Hidden Charges
We offer some of the most competitive subscription packages available in the market today. Our declared prices for unmanaged services are guaranteed to be free from any immediate or future hidden charges.