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Frequently asked questions
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Here you could find short articles about server management and all other aspects of server/infrastructure configuration

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Article How to reinstall OS using IPMI or PXE boot
How to reinstall OS (Linux or Windows) on Supermicro X9SCL-F server with IPMI? In general, you have two options:  to reinstall your OS or to boot...
Views: 29478
Article How to reset ECC error counters on Dell running Windows?
1. Download and Install Dell OpenManage for Windows. You will only need command line toolsat this point, Web-based management tools / SNMP...
Views: 14731
Article How to resize volumes with LVM
Quick tips: To see the details of logical volume group use: vgdisplay To see the details of logical volumes use: lvdisplay To create new...
Views: 12461
Article How to fix "bnx2: fw sync timeout, reset code" (compatibility issue between Dell OMSA 6.5 and Broadcom driver)
There seems to be a compatibility issue between Dell OMSA 6.5 and Broadcom driver for Linux (bnx2). The problem appears as an issue with the bnx2...
Views: 8897
Article What is DRAC and Why do I need it?
(Click here to browse to for the full User Manual) DRAC stands for Dell Remote Access Controller. It is a hardware device that has its...
Views: 8517


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