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15 January, 2015
Newsletter issue 10

Happy New Year! We’re opening 2015 with some good news: Intel just released its new lineup of U-series microprocessors. They’re faster and consume less power. Check them out.

Meanwhile, here in Alnitech, we’re excited to introduce a new backup service that’s super cost-effective and easy-to-use. To cap things off our 2015 welcome, we have article on basic server performance analysis to get your work engines started.

On and forward to a great year ahead!

Your account manager,

In this issue

Introducing the Alnitech Backup Service

We are proud to announce the addition of a Data Backup Subscription in our service menu!
System crash, hacking, hardware failure, and human error are events we always have to contend with and prepare for in data management. Alnitech now provides an easy-to-use, secure, reliable, and cost-effective off-site solution for your backup needs.

Go here for more details.

Intel Releases New Lineup of Broadwell Processors

Intel opened 2015 with a fresh lineup of Broadwell U-series microprocessors engineered for light and thin notebooks, 2-in-1 hybrids, and all-in-one systems. These chips are based on a 14 nm technology, which Intel describes as ultra-fast transistors that “improve performance and reduce leakage power.” The lineup does feature models with low power consumption of 15 Watt or 28 Watt, higher clock speeds, and graphics processing unit (GPU) of up to Iris 6100.

Learn more

Basic Performance Analysis

It is a great practice to oversee your servers using resources monitoring software like Nagios + Cacti, Zabbix, and Zenoss. You can run any one of these suites in a virtual machine (VM), which can connect to all your servers and VMs. You then ask either a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) daemon or those machines’ dedicated agent daemons (or WMI info for Windows) to provide the latest performance counters. These monitoring software usually present these counters in graph form. They let you see basic CPU, memory and disk capacity, and disk I/O usage. You should configure them to alert you via email should one of the performance counters go bad.

See full article here.
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[1] fox news special: computer terrorists blow up several internets
[1]at least 45% of the network of tubes is damaged beyond repair
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[1] FACT: hackers can break into the CIA mainframe and actually _download your freedom_
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