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24 March, 2015
Newsletter issue 12

Can you believe that the first quarter of 2015 is almost over?
We’ll help you hit the ground running for the second quarter with a load of helpful network admin how-to articles on using cURL and GNU to test websites and doing CPU performance analysis for Linux.
In this issue, you’ll also read about an interesting hardware bug recently discussed by Google’s Project Zero team.

Enjoy reading!

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In this issue

Be aware of "Rowhammer" DRAM hardware vulnerability

“Rowhammer” is a known problem with some of the latest DRAM chips, making PCs and laptops vulnerable to bit flips as result of repeated access to adjacent memory rows. When running on a system with susceptible DRAM modules, with some luck, carefully crafted exploit code might be able to gain full access to physical memory, thus escaping protection mechanisms and gaining control over the system.

More details about “Rowhammer” vulnerability can be found here.

How to do CPU Performance Analysis in Linux?

The CPU is critical in servers used mainly for applications and databases. It is also usually a source of performance bottlenecks. However, high CPU utilization does not always mean that the CPU is doing work; it could also be waiting on another subsystem. When you do performance analysis, always look at the system as a whole, taking care to inspect all subsystems because there may be a cascade effect trickling down that is causing the issue.

See useful commands for performance analysis here.

How to Test Websites Using cURL and GNU Wget?

From this article you'll know how to examine the output of cURL (also written as “curl”) and GNU Wget (also written as “wget”) utilities to troubleshoot connectivity problems.

Find details here.
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