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9 September, 2014
Newsletter issue 4

In this issue of our newsletter, we tackle how you can mitigate the network adapter reset flaw found in CentOS 6.5. We also share with you some of the latest talks surrounding the rumored preview of ‘Windows 9.’

Lastly, this issue includes an update on the ways we can now notify you regarding system maintenance schedules.

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions. It is always our pleasure to hear from you.

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In this issue

Improved Maintenance Schedule Notification

For your convenience, we added a new Maintenance Schedule section in our Support Portal. Here you can find a list of upcoming and completed system maintenance activities. To access this section, log in to your account > Portal Home > Maintenance Schedule.

You now have three different ways to get information about our maintenance activities:

  1. Through the Maintenance Schedule section in our Support Portal;
  2. Through our Newsletters (at the top of the right column);
  3. Through additional notifications sent to you immediately prior to and after critical maintenance that can affect your traffic.
Upcoming maintenance is Scheduled Maintenance 2014-10-04 (08:00 am UTC - 09:00 am UTC).

New Windows Preview Out in late September?

Pundits are quoting reliable sources that Redmond is set to release a ‘technology preview’ of the new Microsoft OS set to replace Windows 8 by late September or early October. There are conflicting views as to whether this next release will be called ‘Windows 9’ or ‘Windows Threshold’

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How to mitigate the CentOS 6.5 Network-adapter-reset Bug?

We have confirmed that the CentOS 6.5 kernel (x86_64) has a flaw that causes some network adapters to reset, making them unavailable unless you do a system reboot. You would likely see the message “eth0: Reset adapter unexpectedly” in your system logs when this issue occurs.

Find out how to prevent this reset here.

 Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance 2014-10-04 (08:00 am UTC - 09:00 am UTC)
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