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1 October, 2014
Newsletter issue 5

In this issue of our newsletter, we feature a two-part article on how you can manage Linux Software RAID including what to do in case of disk failure.

Also we clear up how to configure Supermicro IPMI device via IPMICFG.

There will be two upcoming system maintenance scheduled on October 4 and 5; the details of which are included this issue.

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In this issue

Two Weeks Maintenance Schedule Notification

As we already informed you, we added a new Maintenance Schedule section in our Support Portal. Where you can find a list of upcoming and completed system maintenance activities.

Upcoming maintenances:
  1. Scheduled Maintenance 2014-10-04 (08:00 am UTC - 09:00 am UTC);
  2. Scheduled Maintenance 2014-10-05 (12:00 am EDT - 06:00 am EDT).

Managing Linux Software RAID (Part I)

RAID is a storage and virtualization technology that first gained traction in the late 1980s. It combines multiple physical disk drives into one logical virtual unit to improve performance and facilitate redundancy. Data is distributed across the drives depending on the RAID level.

Read more

Managing Linux Software RAID (Part II): Recovery After a Disk Failure

This article has more practical examples on how to recover Linux Software RAID in case of a single disk failure.

Find out how to recover Linux Software RAID here.

How to Configure Supermicro IPMI Device Using IPMICFG?

IPMI is a standard that requires its own processor, besides the main one the system uses, because it works independently in monitoring and maintaining the platform. In most cases, IPMI can continue running even when the main processor is turned off.

Read the whole article here.
 Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance 2014-10-04 (08:00 am UTC - 09:00 am UTC)
Maintenance 2014-10-05 (12:00 am EDT - 06:00 am EDT)
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