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17 November, 2014
Newsletter issue 8

With the end of the year looming, product launches and releases from tech giants have been rolling in. Microsoft’s recent announcements showing stronger support for cross-platform development via .NET and Visual Studio may be of particular interest in our field.

Still on Microsoft, this issue shares news of a 19-year-old bug that has gone undetected for so long and affects all versions of Windows since Windows 95.

Lastly, in our how-to section, we are taking you tracerouting for advanced network troubleshooting.

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In this issue

Microsoft Patches a 2-decades-old Bug

The latest batch of Microsoft patches released last November 11, 2014 includes a fix for a critical 19-year-old bug (CVE-2014-6332; MS14-064) that has existed in every version of Windows since Windows 95. IBM discovered the flaw last May and only disclosed it when Microsoft was ready with a fix.”

View full article here.

Microsoft Shows Stronger Support for Cross-platform Development

Last November 12, 2014, Microsoft kicks off its Connect (); event with several announcements showing stronger support for the cross-platform development.

See details here.

Advanced Network Troubleshooting: Using traceroute

This discussion is a continuation on our series about network troubleshooting. You can read our feature on Basic Network Troubleshooting here. On this article, we focus on troubleshooting connectivity problems through examining the output produced by the traceroute command.

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