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18 December, 2014
Newsletter issue 9

The current year is coming to the end. Thank you for choosing us this year. We will do our best to meet your expectations in 2015.

In the last issue this year we’re to make the force of tech stronger in you still with a how-to article that tackles source-based routing. The dark side may have won points last month though, as reports of a major hacking of Sony Pictures’ network made the news.

Marry Christmas and happy New Year!

Your account manager,

In this issue

Sony Pictures Hacked, Brings Company to a Standstill

Last November 24, 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment purportedly shut down its systems worldwide as a precaution while it investigates a network attack. Employees were apparently told turn off their computers and disable Wi-Fi on all their mobile devices.

Reports say that the attack started with an image of a skull appearing on computer screens along with this message:

“Hacked By #GOP Warning: We’ve already warned you, and this is just a beginning. We continue till our request be met. We’ve obtained all your internal data, including your secrets and top secrets. If you don’t obey us, we’ll release data shown below to the world. Determine what will you do till November the 24th, 11:00 PM (GMT)."

View full article here.

Source-based Routing

This article discusses source-based routing wherein you can make your server accessible by various IP addresses from different networks when you have more than one router.

Here you can see steps for Windows, CentOS and Ubuntu / Debian OS.

See details here.
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