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22 December, 2015
Newsletter issue 20

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If you still have some time to spare, here is some tech news you might have missed: PHP 7.0 was released and Philips’ had a off-again-on-again thing going with other 3rd-party bulbs looking to get on its Hue smart bulb system. Some tech about to come into fruition in 2016 are Samsung’s 128GB DDR4 modules for enterprise servers, a datacenter running on nuclear power in Russia, and Yahoo blocking users who use ad-blockers.

Now, off you go! Happy holidays!

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Hot Christmas Sale!

From December 21-31, all new subscriptions to any Alnitech dedicated server plan get a lifetime discount of 50% off. To avail, use the promo code below when you sign up.
Promo code: 50_Alni

Plans and details are here.

PHP 7.0 Released

December 3, 2015 — After two years in development, the latest major version of PHP was released. Boosting faster performance and reduced memory usage, PHP 7.0 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Consistent 64-bit support
  • Improved Exception hierarchy
  • Many fatal errors converted to Exceptions, etc.

Read more and download the source here.

Philips Reverses Decision to Block 3rd-party Bulbs

Philips made headlines a few weeks ago when it released a firmware update that blocks third-party bulbs from being used in its smart bulb system called Philips Hue. The update ends support for bulbs using the ZigBee wireless protocol; examples are low-cost bulbs like the GE Link LED and the Cree Connected LED.

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Samsung to Produce 128GB DDR4 Modules for Enterprise Servers

November 26, 2015 — Electronics giant Samsung announced that it is mass producing the industry’s first “through silicon via” (TSV) double data rate-4 (DDR4) memory in 128-gigabyte (GB) modules, for enterprise servers and data centers.

The 128GB TSV DDR4 RDIMM is comprised of a total of 144 DDR4 chips, arranged into 36 4GB DRAM packages, each containing four 20-nanometer (nm)-based 8-gigabit (Gb) chips assembled with cutting-edge TSV packaging technology.

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Russia’s Biggest Datacenter will be Nuclear-powered

Telecom Daily reported that Russia’s largest datacenter to date will be nuclear powered and built on top of the Kalinin nuclear power station, located 120 miles northwest of Moscow. The station will provide the 80MW of power needed for datacenter’s 10,000 server racks. Construction costs of the project is said to be $975 million, excluding the IT infrastructure.

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Yahoo Blocks Ad-blocking Users

A few weeks ago, some people who tried to access their Yahoo Mail account got a pop-up message asking them to disable their ad-blocker first so they can continue using Yahoo Mail. A Yahoo spokesperson told Engadget this was not a new policy but rather an A/B test carried out to a small group of Yahoo Mail users in the US. An A/B test is a technique where websites gauge reaction by deploying the changes to a small number of users first before full release.

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