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23 March, 2017
Newsletter issue 22

As much as we’re in mid-spring 2017, the memories of how we dressed Christmas trees have not faded. Right? To ensure such good memories do not lose freshness from your mind because of poorly performing servers, we have a strict maintenance schedule to take care of your needs. If you have any question regarding the maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us.

With discovery of security loopholes during the 2017 Pwn2Own contest, making your systems unbreakable should be your foremost priority. Ryzen and Intel intensifies, you cannot underestimate the strengths of your competitors. Remember that notorious hackers, like those who breached Yahoo’s servers, are constantly on the lookout for their next victims.

VPS is usually suited for new websites or start-up companies with limited traffic. So, if you need to move to a secure and reliable dedicated server hosting to take care of your increased online activities, Alnitech will not leave you disappointed.

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In this issue

The results of PWN2OWN 2017 day three

The final day of Pwn2Own 2017 came to a close with some amazing research. The contest had never previously required a 3rd day of competition. But with largest ever number of registrations, coinciding with PWN2OWN's 10th anniversary, extending to include the extra entries proved more than worthwhile.

Read more here.

Intel still beats Ryzen at games, but how much does it matter?

It's true that Ryzen's gaming performance doesn't match Intel CPUS. But the 7700K is the fastest all-round gaming processor on the market today. Being "not as fast as the 7700K" doesn't make a processor "bad" for games. It just means it's not quite as fast as literally the fastest gaming processor ever made.

Read more here.

Here’s How Russian Agents Hacked 500 Million Yahoo Users

In June 2013 U.S. law enforcement thought they finally catched Russian hacker Alexsey Belan, but he escaped to Russia. Rather than handing Belan over to the U.S., Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) enlisted the man to help the agency hack into American Internet companies, including Yahoo! Inc. View full article

Read more here.

The Common Tell-Tale Signs to Move to Dedicated Servers

VPS/shared hosting OR Dedicated server. We defined four main signs that can tip you to move to a dedicated server. View them here:

  • Customization matters
  • Security matters
  • Optimal uptime matters
Check the whole list and find out more above mentioned here.

Tips For Selecting Efficient Dedicated Server Hosting

What do you think is important for you when you choosing a host? Team of Alnitech tried to compile a list of important points people need to consider while choosing new host

Here are some of them:
  • Know your business requirements
  • Examine the pricing offered
  • Gauge the provider’s reliability
See more details here
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