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30 June, 2017
Newsletter issue 25

As always, we are more than delighted to send you our June Newsletter packed with captivating IT news to assist you stay acquainted with the important industry happenings.

This newsletter will cover the following topics:

•The recent Intel announcement that it is enhancing the architecture for the forthcoming Xeon Scalable processors.
•A notorious group of attackers, referred to as Platinum, uncovered techniques of circumventing Windows firewall recognition.
•Microsoft has reported another dreadful ransomware, called Petya.
•The days of the week hackers are likely to strike.

From Alnitech, we wish you an awesome weekend!

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In this issue

Architecting for the Future: Intel Develops Innovative Mesh-based Interconnect Architecture

Intel has been constantly reinventing its computing capabilities to enhance processor throughput and meet the growing demands for highly-capable systems.

Continue reading here.

Devious attackers exploit Intel management tools to elude Windows firewall

Microsoft threat detection team has exposed a group of sophisticated hackers, called PLATINUM, that abuses Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) to circumvent Windows firewall detection.

Read more here.

The Newest ‘Petya’ Ransomware Upsurge Hits 65 Countries.

A new ransomware, commonly referred to as “Petya”, is rapidly worming itself and causing more trouble—from Redmond to other places around the globe.

View full article here.

Best day hackers strike? Research shows it’s not Monday

Today’s sophisticated hackers concentrate more on the best times to carry out attacks so that they can make the most gains from their victims. Proofpoint recently analyzed the timings of email-based attacks in 2016 and revealed some interesting trends.

Find out more above mentioned here.
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