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31 July, 2017
Newsletter issue 26

Welcome to our Hot Summer Newsletter, which is packed with interesting IT news to keep you updated and refreshed.

Here are the topics covered:

Verizon issued a statement confirming leaked records of its 6 million customers.
• Before the close of 2017, it’s expected that Intel will start distributing its 8th-generation core processors, developed using the Coffee Lake architecture.
• Microsoft threw a bombshell by announcing that systems using Intel’s Clover Trail-based processors and depend on Windows 10 will not be entitled to the Creators Update, or any additional significant Windows 10 updates.
• Why you should be selfish with the amount of data shared with third-parties.
Google is taking security issues a notch higher by introducing a new “unverified app” message screen that informs users of unauthenticated web apps and Apps Scripts.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading!

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In this issue

Verizon Attracts Attackers With Millions of Unmasked Customers Details

Verizon, a U.S. telco giant, affirmed that the private info of its six million end-users had been unmasked, potentially making the details attractive to attackers.

Continue reading here.

Details of the Impending Intel Coffee Lake-based Framework Divulged

Intel Corporation could release its eighth-level generation of core computing processors, which are developed using the robust Coffee Lake-based framework. Even though Intel has not formally given out the specifics of the computing processors, some sketchy details have been appearing online.

Read more here.

Microsoft: No More Upgrades for Clover Trail-Based Machines.

Microsoft affirmed that all computing equipment, which are powered by Intel’s Clover Trail-based machines and depend on Windows 10, cannot be entitled to the Creators-software improvement, or any supplementary Windows 10 features inclusions.

View full article here.

Are You Limiting the Amount of Data Shared With Third-Parties?

With the current escalation of security threats and privacy issues, limiting the amount of data you share with Google, Amazon, or any other third-party provider is essential. The lesser the amount of your data out there, the less prone you’ll be susceptible to attacks.

Find out more above mentioned here.

Google Intensifies Efforts to Safeguard Users from Unsecure Applications

On July 18, 2017, Google added another security feature: an “unverified applications” message warning that informs users of newly developed online-based applications as well as Apps Scripts.

Read more here.
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