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2 October, 2017
Newsletter issue 27

Exciting news here at Alnitech. We have just launched BGP announcement!

October is a beautiful month, with Fall season knocking at the doorstep. At Alnitech, we try hard to deepen your feel-good by making New Announcements, presenting simple analysis of Breaking Tech News and reviewing new Technology Products.

In this issue, we offer a no-frills explanation of the fundamentals of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), using a few scenarios to prove how it can help your business. We give a run-down of the epic data breach at Equifax, that created panic among its customers. In the CPU world, Intel promises to up the ante with its new Xeon W range of processors and finally how major Technology companies were targets of the CCleaner malicious anti-malware attack.

We hope these titbits of information keep you interested and engaged with us. If you want to know more or have any queries about BGP, or its implementation or how we can help you benefit from it, give us a call on 1-818-724-INET or use the Contact Us Form. We would be happy to answer your concerns.

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In this issue

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – A Fresh Look

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is an industry standard routing protocol created for the exchange of routing and reachability information over the Internet between large autonomous networks belonging to Service Providers and large Organizations. It is highly Scalable, Available, Secure and Robust. BGP is continuously evolving in tandem with internetworking technologies and architectures, cementing its place as the perfect partner for the next generation of networks and an enabler of Digital Transformation.

Continue reading here.

Intel’s up-and-coming Xeon W Processor likely to power Apple’s iMac Pro

Intel is all set to storm the PC processor battleground with its release of new variants in the Xeon W family. Packaged with other worthy components, the new kids on the block ensure that even performance hungry applications are satisfied truly.

Read more here.

A Nightmare Come True For Equifax

7th September 2017 was a dreadful day for Equifax, one of the big-three nationwide credit-rating agencies. On this day, it informed the public that a massive security breach has exposed sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers, of 143 million consumers.

View full article here.

Second Stage of CCleaner Malware Delivered to Major Tech Companies

The second wave of the CCleaner malware has struck – this time stealthily targeting 20 PCs belonging to carefully selected international Technology companies. The targeted companies include: Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel. Samsung, Sony, HTC, Linksys, D-Link, Akamai and Vmware.

Find out more above mentioned here.
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