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2 November, 2017
Newsletter issue 28

In this issue we shed light on a dumb bug in Microsoft’s popular messaging client, Outlook, which could potentially threaten your email security. In addition, the rapidly growing IoT bot-attacks and grave weaknesses in a popular Wi-Fi network encryption software, combine to deliver a deadly blow to privacy and security of personal and business data.

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In this issue

Hot Off the Press: Latest threat to the Internet is rapidly sneaking into millions of IoT devices converting them into zombie.

Researchers believe that a Web crisis looms ahead, with IoT_reaper already having infected nearly two million devices and continuously growing at an alarming rate of 10,000 new devices per day.

Continue reading here.

Serious weakness detected in WPA2, the universal Wi-Fi network encryption protocol

Android, Linux and OpenBSD users are vulnerable to hackers who can steal credit card numbers, passwords, emails and other encrypted data by exploiting a bug that was discovered recently in vulnerable personal devices or wireless access points.

Read more here.

Shockingly Stupid Bug discovered in Microsoft Outlook

Researchers at leading cyber security consultancy, SEC Consult, have exposed a bug in Microsoft Outlook, that causes encrypted emails to be sent with their unencrypted versions attached.

View full article here.

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